Alumni Development Program (ADP)

Alumni Development Program (ADP) is a program for ENVOY Alumni that will help them fasten their business development

logo alumni envoy pendek-01 edit websiteAlumni development program is a program for our ENVOY alumni to develop their business more deeply and thoroughly. With ADP, we make sure that the business that their currently running still keep monitored well and sustain. The development that we want is not just about business income, but also skill enhancement and business management ethic. We hope that our alumni can become an entrepreneur that have a good business skill while also have a high integrity so they can spread positive impacts to their society.

Our evaluation toward ENVOY found that most of the students, after they finished their ENVOY program underwent a close business since their first year. This thing happened because they still lack of proper skill and strong business mental in order to manage and develop their business.
Through Alumni Development program, ENVOY alumni will learn more advance knowledge about developing their business so they will create more sustainable business and reach even bigger scale of their business. The main activities of this program are coaching, exhibit facility, online business consultation, and alumni portal.

adp websiteFrom coaching, alumni will given a chance to get guidance from professional business coach. This coaching activity is offer a chance for the alumni to share their problem while running their business. The coach will help the alumni to find a solution to resolve their business issue. Through coaching, the coaches are hoped to transfer positive energy for alumni, so they will have spirit to keep developing their business. Besides coaching, ADP also has online business consultation that will help alumni consult their business via email. Mien R. Uno Foundation role will be a connector between alumni and the coach and also make sure they got answered to each question they had. Another purpose of ADP is to keep a good relationship with the alumni of ENVOY, based on that ADP also do a visit to the alumni businesses, so Mien R. Uno Foundation team will be have a track record of their business and build more strong personal relationship with alumni. ADP also provides exhibition facilities in national level. This activities can helped alumni span their market segmentation and introduce their business to public.

“Success is Not an accident, it’s a commitment to daily habits that allow for sustainable business growth” -Rebekah Radice-