MRUF ENVOY is scholarship program for university students who currently running a business

mruf envoy tranparan polosBeside scholarship, the students are received training, Coaching, business consultation and exhibition facility to realize and develop their business. The purpose of this program is to make students from low income families able to live independently, finish their study, and then create a better life for their family and people around them through entrepreneurship.

With ENVOY, the students get three times training with different themes and different intake in each one of the training. Start from a training about knowing them self while also make a connection with their business (Knowing My Self – My Business My Passion). Second training is to dig deeper and get more knowledge about managing business (Knowing My Business – Business Model, Marketing, and Financial Report), the last training is about how to boost sale within students business (Growing My Business – Sales Booster). ENVOY program also give training materials regarding self leadership, team building, even material about self image ethics for entrepreneur, hosted by Mien R. Uno and business ethic by Indra C. Uno. This training will help the students learn about how to make more concrete plan for their business and do a good business implementation. The given training used various methods so it will be more understandable by the students.

foto program ENVOYBeside training, ENVOY program also giving the students a business coaching by professional coach that come from various regions (currently our coach is from Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta) the coaches are someone who having a business background and broad entrepreneurial knowledge. Business coaching is a sustainable process for developing business, monitoring the business process, pushes the students to be responsible toward their business plan implementation, and can make clever decisions so the business can get more profit and grow to be a sustainable business. This business coaching is held for three until eight times and deliver personally from coach to the students (one-on-one coaching).

After training and coaching, the students also get a chance to take part in exhibition at Jakarta and local exhibition in each city. This exhibition will help the students in boosting sales, create brand awareness on their business, expanding their network, and increase their teamwork in managing exhibition. ENVOY students are also expected to learn how to dress properly while attend the stand and also how to do pitching so the visitors have an interest to come and see their products or services that they offer whether as a customer, reseller, partner, or investor.

ENVOY program keep being held periodically. Until 2016, ENVOY program already reach the 7th batch, that spread in various cities, such as Jakarta, Bogor, Padang, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta. Mien R. Uno Foundation keeps consistent to spread impacts to new city, so more students in Indonesia will gain access to entrepreneurial education. By that, more young individual will be ready to start a business and this is our contribution to create self reliant Indonesia.

“If you don’t build your dreams someone will hire you to build theirs” (Tony Gaskins Jr.)