The reason this foundation exist was when Razif H. Uno organized a seminar in his hometown, Gorontalo. He noticed weight of discussion there was so poor compared with similar seminar in Jakarta. This uneven economic condition in Indonesia make many regions in this country still lack of developments in so many aspects and youth development is no exception.

keluarga unoBased on that background, Razif H. Uno created Mien R. Uno Foundation in 2000 with his two sons, Sandiaga S. Uno and Indra C. Uno. The foundation was named after his wife, Mien R. Uno. Mien R. Uno is a figure in the field of education and character development. As time goes by, Mien R. Uno Foundation focuses on the effort of up scaling the quality of Indonesia people, especially youth generation through education and economic empowerment. There are still so many Indonesia people that poor and miserable because they did not get the proper education and also weak in economic independence. Mien R. Uno Foundation is really concern about this matter and determined to create a young independent entrepreneur.